Walking With Wolves

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to walk with wolves in Cartmel, Lake District courtesy of Predator Experience. This walk was based just two miles from Humphrey Head, where the last wild wolf in England was killed back in the fourteenth century. We joined two wolf descendants Maska and Kajika, as well as the incredible Dee and Daniel who shared their expert knowledge throughout the walk. Dee and Daniel showed us how wolves behave in the wild. They taught us about the social ranking amongst wolves, we learned about the evolution, physiology, social structure, communication and conservation of the wolf.

Both wolves were walked on short leashes through the gorgeous surroundings of Cartmel and as soon as we stopped by the reservoir they were given a wider area to walk, play, jump and pounce on a longer leash, this allowed us to see them in a natural state. At the end of the walk we had the delightful experience of hearing both wolves howl, which was definitely a must on my bucket list!!





If your ever around the Lake District or even if your not, the Predator Experience is not something to be missed!